Here today, Saigon tomorrow

A family from California moves to Ho Chi Minh City. Hilarity ensues.

A Mellow Yet Productive Weekend

Generally on Mondays I ask my students if they had a mellow yet productive weekend. And generally they blink slowly, their mouths agape.  I then ask if at least one qualifier is apt, and most nod, every so slightly.

Well, I had a mellow yet productive weekend. Friday night: Indian take out and movie night at the Radulies.  Saturday: after the boys started their second semester Saturday Sports (The Big O continuing with soccer, The Eldest continuing to experiment with fairly foreign sporting events: from rugby to field hockey this time.  I tried to convince The Little Lady to go for soccer {her only option} arguing that she loves to run around.  “But only when I get to decide when to stop.”  Well put, señorita.), Sarah accompanied the Little Lady to a birthday shindig and I took the Y-chromosomes out for some bánh xèo with Rob and Hannah.


Bánh xèo Saigon-style is a massive crepe filled with bean sprouts, eleven local herbs and spices, and various options, the most traditional being not-yet-peeled shrimp and pork.  (Luckily, the pork has usually been skinned).  You tear off a chunk, wrap it in lettuce with some basil or other herbs, and dip it in sweet fish sauce.  Dee-lish.  Bánh xèo is pretty much all this place serves so of course they have 485,766 different types.  The duck was a fine choice, and we ordered abalone as well, though I think it meant abalone mushrooms, which were quite tasty (unless you ask the boys).

After a bit of urban exploring…





…it was early to bed, early to rise to be ready for a sunrise bike ride.  I’ve participated in two adventurey rides here in Vietnam; the first resulted in an unfortunate viral episode, the second included my first broken bone.  I’m happy to report that a sunburned wrist is the worst that happened this time.

Linc and Casey organized a group ride for us coworkers up the Saigon river a bit.  23 miles over mostly dirt and gravel trails.





Once you get out of the city, a different sort of Vietnam emerges.  The views certainly brought to mind a certain cycling trip along the Mekong delta.








This week is the primary school production starring The Eldest!  (Ok, maybe not starring, but he’s in it!)  And the Tet lunar new year is almost upon us.  We’re chugging along with smiles on our faces.

– Warren



2 comments on “A Mellow Yet Productive Weekend

  1. Bill Schnack
    February 4, 2015

    As my real estate agent says “Location, location, location plus curb appeal. That’s the ticket.”

  2. Carol Gannon
    February 6, 2015

    The gal who does my nails says her kids call Banh Xeo “Vietnamese pizza”.

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