Here today, Saigon tomorrow

A family from California moves to Ho Chi Minh City. Hilarity ensues.

Birthday Bookends

About a month ago we celebrated a couple of birthdays and while some might say that we’re stuck in a rut, we like to think that our kiddos just know what they like.


For the second year running, the twins chose to invite their respective classes to Be Be Land where The Big O fought The Big Octopus.  And lost.



The Little Lady must know how to talk sweetly to it.


Eventually the Be-Spectacled One settled in to do what he does best.




The Eldest and I made it out for a bike ride along the Saigon river with my coworker Casey.  We found the locals doing what locals do.


How often do YOU wash your chickens?


“Do you think I can fit a few more stalks on here?”



After I “helped” Casey fix her flat by popping her only spare tube, we were lucky enough to find a local repair shop a mere 100m down the trail.  (Listen to me!  I’ve turned all international!  That’s 109.361 yards for those of you Stateside.)







On Easter Eve I explored urban Saigon after hours for the first time in quite awhile.






Easter morning found me celebrating The Resurrection by completing ‘Vietnam’s First Obstacle Course Race’ with twelve coworkers, every one of whom used me as a human ladder whilst climbing out of a mud pit.  I’ll never forget my kids’ principal yelling, “Schnack!  Head against the mud.  NO!  AGAINST the mud!  Now steady yourself…”dragon_dash

5k, 19 obstacles, and one very beat up shin later.  

The fam mellowed out later at an Easter shindig hosted by this hipster shipping container bar/restaurant/graffiti space.








And we come full circle to this weekend’s focus: The Eldest’s birthday party at, you guessed it, the same place as last year.


It was interesting to hear what the littlest thought of laser tag since this was their first go at it.  They were surprised by the obstacles and different elevations, while I was surprised that the camera picked up anything at all.





And it’s just two weeks until Spring Break!


– Warren




One comment on “Birthday Bookends

  1. Sandy Schnack
    April 13, 2015

    As I peruse these fabulous, wierd and wonderful photos I realize how much you will miss Asia.

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