Here today, Saigon tomorrow

A family from California moves to Ho Chi Minh City. Hilarity ensues.

Last Days of Saigon

Our last few days in Ho Chi Minh City were spent much like our first few days.  Except not at all.

The offsprings’ last day of school:


(It was free dress day.)


Compare and contrast with their first day at ISHCMC.


Sarah and I worked two additional days student-free in which I presented a sarcastic sustainability plan to the entire staff (composting toilets and mandatory pony rides to school!). Each school year ends with a goodbye shindig for the outgoing staff.  My official goodbye schpiel was co-presented by fellow math teachers Jozsef and Clara whose collaboration and lunchtime mockery I will miss immensely.


(Steph couldn’t help but photobomb.) 

Sarah co-presented/co-sang a going away tribute to Diana, The Eldest’s teacher, who we love and adore and can’t wait to see in California next summer. Diana and Tiffany, Sarah’s favorite math buddy, then returned the favor in a karaoke-themed going away speech for Sarah.

Sarah and friends singing going away

Our Vietnamese lives were then packed away by the moving company Saturday morning, leaving us with only memories and a few fitted mattress sheets to keep us warm in the two chilly (AC-cooled) nights remaining.

What was left to do?  Celebrate Father’s Day Weekend the only way the Schnacks know how: exploring!


There’s this huge temple complex which has been slowing rising from the continual dust of construction just across the highway from our humble abode.  It was high time we moseyed over there.


An orange-robed monk chatted with us and explained that it was a Buddhist holiday and monks from across southern Vietnam were congregating in Saigon.  Then, as if on cue, a mass of monks started boarding a tour bus.



Home sweet home from a new angle.

In the sanctuary The Big O and The Little Lady enjoyed some mindfulness.



While an orange-robed monk snapped photos on his cell phone.



One of the little ones took this at the temple.  Not too shabby, eh?  (Perhaps a bit too scruffy, though.)

Official Father’s Day meant investigating an old (mostly) abandoned skyscraper.  A bit too disturbing for Sarah, though The Eldest and I loved it!




The rain really added a Blade Runner feel. [That’s not rain, it’s rat pee. – Sarah]




The rooms were mostly filled with abandoned junk, though some had a bit of personality.



Those tiles were awesome, though ruined…


A 12th floor view.





To change the mood a bit we enjoyed Japanese pizza with the Radulies.


It’ll be tough not being able to paint the town with this fantastic family.

We then finished off the day throwing paper airplanes off of the famed 17th floor of The Vista apartments.


We had two cameras going, here are some “high”lights:


Our last day was spent stuffing our belongings into too many suitcases (“Blast!  I meant to put this in the shipment.”) and hurrying to make our 11:40 pm flight.  Japan (via Seoul) here we come!


– Warren



I found this photo booth pic from Fall 2013 while packing up.  Look how young these guys look!


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